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Nicole qualified as a Professional Make-Up Artist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicole trained as a Professional Make-Up Artist whilst practising the updated and intensified health and safety guidelines for close contact services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nicole prioritises her client's safety by sanitising her kit before and after every use. She uses cut out techniques to ensure there is no contact between her client's skin and her products. This means that Nicole applies Make-Up by decanting all products used and does not put a brush which has come into contact with skin into any of her products. In other words, Nicole doesn't double dip!


Nicole wears a mask, visor and protective apron whilst working, uses eco-friendly single use disposable applicators where ever necessary and has a robust sanitation routine with her kit that enables all make-up and make-up tools to be effectively sterilised. 

For clients particularly concerned by close contact services such as the application of make-up during this challenging time, Nicole also offers a full service using Air Brush Make-Up. This is not only  lightweight and long lasting with a flawless finish, but allows you to have a full look completed with no physical contact. 


For more information on Airbrush Make-Up, click the link below.

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