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About Nicole

Nicole is a professional Make-Up Artist accredited by the International Make-Up Association. Nicole qualified at the London School of Makeup where she achieved a Certificate in Make-Up Application, a Diploma in Make-Up for Fashion, Photographic & Media and a Diploma in Dressing Hair.

As a Make-Up Artist, Nicole has a professional and bespoke approach for each client and can adapt to different client briefs and requests. Nicole has an extensive knowledge of products, trends and cruelty free beauty, her kit being fully cruelty free with vegan options available. Nicole loves to work on all skin tones and skin types, and is passionate about prescriptive skincare for her client's to adapt to sensitive and acne prone skin. 


Nicole was first captured by the Make-Up Industry when she suffered from acne in her teenage years, using make-up as a means to cover up. Nicole soon learned that her love for make-up was not in using it as a tool to achieve a certain beauty standard, but in enhancing an individual's natural beauty in unique and creative ways. She loves to create natural beauty, as well as build on traditional looks with bold uses of colours and textures that can express individuality and personality. Nicole especially loves when her makeup can enhance the natural beauty of her clients to bring out their confidence and support self love.


Make-Up for fashion, editorial and photographic media is also something that Nicole loves to create. Nicole has always had a love for the arts, in particular from her fine art background, which is often incorporated into her creative looks. Nicole draws on these skills and applies them to her make-up, taking inspiration from art, music, film, culture and nature.

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